Luxury spray tanning service for the jetsetters in the Los Angeles area.


Jetset in style with the ultimate California sunkissed tan. We take pride in our natural products to protect our clients from sun damage and keep their skins youthful appearance.

Part of the Jetsetglo lifestyle, along with the fabulous events is mindful self-care.

Our individualized service gives our clients some time to feel beautiful without taking away from their busy schedules . A Jetsetglo customer is successful and passionate about personal appearance without any added time. We promise to have you glowing in 30 minutes or less in the luxury of your own home with no rush or back to back appointments. We offer organic exfoliants and lotions to extend your tan and have our clients know they are extra special. All natural, paraben free and non toxic. Enjoy your Jetsetglo all year.

2018 Jetsetglo by Victoria Larson

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